Instilling change

Life Remodeled normally makes one-year investments in neighborhoods, but the organization has committed to the Durfee/Central area until at least 2020. Progress in this neighborhood where Detroit’s civil unrest began in 1967 is evident.

In 2017, Life Remodeled began renovating and repurposing the former Durfee Elementary Middle School and adjacent Central High School into the Durfee Innovation Society. It repaired 53 homes, boarded up 534 vacant houses and removed blight on 367 blocks. In 2018, it beautified 316 blocks, boarded up 396 houses, cleared 102 alleyways, planted more than 700 trees, shrubs and perennials, and much more.

As Life Remodeled continues its revitalization efforts, Delta Dental and employees like Adrianne plan to be there, doing our part.

To me, volunteering and helping people you do not know is unconditional love, because you have no judgment for these people. Your only focus is going in to help in any way you can.

— Adrianne Lewis