It is a war out there, and it is not going to be won by just a couple of people’

– Dr. Amy Gentner

When Dr. Amy Gentner and her associate Dr. Kayla Weatherwax realized this spring there was a need in their community for personal protection equipment (PPE) amid the coronavirus crisis, her small town roots kicked into full gear.

Gentner owns Gentner Family Dentistry, which has been in St. Johns, Michigan, for 15 years—a trusted small business in the farming community.

Amy Gentner and Kayla Weatherwax
Gentner Family Dentistry Building

Despite the coronavirus shutting down just about everything in town in March, she and Weatherwax saw some patients on an emergency basis, but they still had an overflow of supplies and PPE.

Answering the call from local health care institutions, Gentner went through her supply cabinet and found hundreds of masks, surgical gowns and 25 pair of scrubs that were going unused, and she donated them to Ouch Urgent Care in St. Johns. She also donated masks and cleaning supplies to Clinton Area Ambulance Services for paramedic use.

“We’re small town dentists supporting our small town hospital and urgent cares,” Gentner said. “Everyone that I’ve talked to is trying to help in different ways.”