Promise made; promises kept

Delta Dental contributed to the Lansing Promise in 2018 to open the doors of opportunity to youth and develop a smart, capable local talent pipeline in mid-Michigan.

The scholarship program provided tuition assistance for postsecondary (college or skilled trade) education to nearly 1,000 eligible high school graduates in the Lansing School District. The expectation is that an investment in high-potential youth will transform the community.

“The Lansing Promise starts with a scholarship, removing financial and emotional barriers to success after high school,” says Justin Sheehan, executive director of the Lansing Promise. “But the promise is also about community and opportunity. We want to see change in our lifetimes, and thanks to the investment of Delta Dental, we will.”

Tina Nguyen and Tony Allen are two Lansing Promise scholars who exemplify the hope and possibilities among youth in Lansing. Their grit, tenacity, creativity, optimism and commitment to the region represent an intangible but powerful return on Delta Dental’s investment.

Here are their stories