Growing opportunities in NE Ohio

Delta Dental continued its support of Team NEO’s work by sponsoring the Untapped Opportunities report virtual launch event. Untapped Opportunities is a new report published by Team NEO examining how tapping into the veteran pool can help create a vibrant economy, falling in line with our commitment to building healthy, smart, vibrant communities for all.

Jim Whittum, an Army veteran and a senior data center technician for Delta Dental participated alongside fellow veterans as panelists during the webinar.

Team NEO is a business development organization working to accelerate business growth, create jobs and build prosperity in northeast Ohio.

When Jim joined Delta Dental he also was serving in the National Guard and was deployed twice during his employment. His deployments awoke both the company and his colleagues to the needs of veteran employees. Jim also spoke about Scout, who accompanies him to work, and how Delta Dental has grown to become a veteran-friendly employer.

“As a veteran, I am proud to work for an organization that has shown dedication to understanding the unique needs of veterans and how they fit in with the culture and community that is Delta Dental,” Jim said.

The Untapped Opportunities report delves into key topics including the education level of local veterans (54 percent of Northeast Ohio’s Gulf War era veterans have at least some college: an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree or higher.)

It also touches on workforce trends and how because many veterans have niche skills, they may find it challenging transitioning into traditional jobs and their talents may be underutilized.

“These insights come at a time when businesses are being creative in their efforts to build a talented workforce,” said Bill Koehler, Team NEO’s CEO. “We hope this report begins to raise awareness about the many roles our veterans can play as they transition from military service to private sector jobs as well as inform workforce programs focused on the veteran population.

In addition to the Untapped Opportunities report, we also continue to sponsor Team NEO’s mainstay report, Aligning Opportunities examining the skills gap between the alignment of talent and opportunities in growing high-potential industries as well as the women’s inequities report Lost Opportunities and racial inequities report, Misaligned Opportunities.