Better dental visits for kids with autism

For people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), brushing teeth or visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. That’s according to InfiniTeach, developers of the All Smiles Shine app. About 1 in 54 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and some research shows that those with ASD have a higher risk of dental disease.

The All Smiles Shine app was created in partnership with Project Accessible Oral Health and Delta Dental to help the autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities communities learn about oral health care, practice preventive care at home, and prepare for an upcoming visit to the dentist. App features include:

  • At-home videos that support preventive care practices, a flossing and brushing tracker with rewards, and how to prepare for a dental visit.
  • Personalized sensory preferences, interests and calming tools to share with the dentist.
  • Picture schedules, breathing exercises, emotion identifiers and more.
  • Caregiver tips and tricks for daily brushing, flossing and healthy eating.

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